Sports-related Concussion

What is a Concussion? 

Well the CDC has a great website explaining it very eloquently. For information on Signs and Symptoms of a concussion, as well as advice on when to seek treatment, visit the CDC webpage here.

As for advice and tips on how to feel better after a concussion, visit the 'Feel Better' after concussion page here.

 In addition to treating most musculoskeletal complaints and sports injuries, Dr. Smith also is one of the area's leaders in managing Sports-related Concussions.  As a team physician, he has significant experience interacting with student athletes, athletic trainers, and schools.  He is considered an expert in this field and sees many patients with concussion, referred to him by primary care doctors, schools, and patients.  He has been invited to give talks on concussion to local sports teams as well as lectures to medical professionals and Grand Rounds for Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, and Pediatrics.  He has been interviewed for print media as well as appearing on several local news stations to provide expert opinion. 

Dr. Smith is a Credentialed ImPACT Consultant, and uses the ImPACT test.  He has been to conferences about concussion and he uses the test as another piece in determining if the student athlete has fully recovered from their concussion.  (The ImPACT test is by no means the be-all, end-all, go-to source for concussion management, but it is used as an additional factor to help determine recovery) 

Dr. Smith does provide Baseline ImPACT testing in the office.  A baseline test helps provide a snapshot of an athlete's brain function, so if there ever is a concussion, a post-injury test with ImPACT can provide much more meaningful information to help determine recovery and return to normal function. If you have had testing done previously at your school, Dr. Smith can also use those test results to help determine recovery as well as safe return to play.