Patient Information

Our practice utilizes an Electronic Medical Record (EMR).  There is a web portal that makes it easier to register and communicate with our office.  A shortened link version is

Like the Patient Portal? Sure you do, lots of our patients love it.  Wanna make it easier, and have easy access to it on your smartphone?  Click here to download the free Healow App from eClinicalworks, available for iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android phones. It is from the developers of our EHR, so yell at them if it doesn't work, not us.

NEW patients can Pre-Register online by clicking here.  This saves you time on the phone and/or in the office answering background questions and filling out forms.  Just click the link that says "Pre-Register" under the log in.   

Existing patients (of this NEW practice) can update information via the portal.  Whether you have been seen in the office, or you have called to schedule but haven't been seen yet, if you give us your email address we can "web enable" you .  This provides you with a link to our Electronic Health Record (EHR) which better allows the practice to contact you, including appointment reminders.  In the portal you can update your information, see records and test results (imaging reports, etc), and contact Dr Smith safely and securely via email thru the EHR.  The office will NOT share your email with any 3rd parties and we promise not to spam you.  

   PREVIOUS patients of Dr Smith from his old practice, Orthopaedic Specialists (in Bryn Mawr, Newtown Square, and Devon) -- my old group underwent a merger/acquisiton into the Rothman Institute in the Summer of 2012.  Dr Smith took that crossroads as an opportunity to go out on his own and start his own practice.  This allows him to avoid the pressures of high volume and turnover, and instead provide personalized Sports Medicine care to his patients.  He will spend time with you and explain things in ways that make it easier for patients to understand.  The old group retained the old notes/records of your prior visits with Dr Smith, and he does not have ready access to your old records without your permission.  You can request a copy of your old records (now being held by Rothman) by clicking here and filling out the form.  We encourage you to obtain a copy of your old records and bring them with you to see Dr Smith in the new practice, it will make all our lives easier and ensure a smoother transition.  If you have any questions, feel free to call the office at 484-928-0007.


Insurance Information

We take most commercial insurances (including Medicare, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Aenta, Cigna, United) and self-pay patients, but we do not participate with Medicaid or similar medical assistance programs.

If you have an HMO plan, you will need a referral from your primary care provider in order for me to see you.  To make it easier, have my referral numbers on hand when you call your Primary Care Provider.  They are:

Keystone Health Plan East: 2853969000

Aetna: 7019911

NPI: 1902928047


What to bring to your appointment (new patients or current patients with new problems) AKA HOW TO MAKE YOUR VISIT EASIER!  -- PLEASE READ--

Most important: Photo ID, insurance card, and a method to pay your co-pay, which is due at time of service.  We accept cash, check, or credit card (Visa and Mastercard only-- Debit ok and Flexible Spending accounts are accepted too).

Imaging: if you have had a x-ray or MRI for your problem, please bring a copy of the films (CD/DVD or printed out films) AND the report.  If it was done at a Main Line Health site, we can usually access all of that online. 

Other items: If you have a problem/injury to your lower extremities (foot, ankle, shin pain, knee injury, hip pain) bring a pair of shorts to put on -- it's easier then paper gowns and you won't look radiculous.  

If it is shoulder/elbow issue, a t-shirt with loose sleeves or tank top is very helpful as well.  You can wear it under your clothes or bring and change once in the Exam Room.

Runners should bring in their running shoes and any orthotics or inserts they use.

If you use a brace (such as an ankle support) bring that as well. 


Patient Forms

New patients: (you need all 3) 

Intake Form       Medical History Form       and Current Problem

New Injuries (for patients seen in the office before):

Current Problem

Concussion patients

Concussion history (if brand new patient please also complete Intake form and Medical History form)