Sports Physicals -- 2014-15 PIAA pre-season physical

It's summer and that means sun, heat, water ice, and Sports Physicals.  

Need the PIAA CIPPE physical form? click here

Dr Smith does Sports Physicals in the office.  Since they are not usually covered by insurance for routine physicals, he charges $50 for physicals done in the office.  If so, don't come without your forms already filled out (except for section 6, only fill out the top two lines, the rest is for the Doctor to fill out).  See link above if you need the forms.  Dr Smith will also do physicals for large groups at discounted rate for schools/teams that are interested.  Please call the office to discuss. 

What's the deal with sports physicals?  This site explains a lot. 


What is a Sports Medicine Physician

This is a great summary from AMSSM that describes what is a Sports Medicine Physician, and how we are different from orthopedic surgeons.


Sports Medicine Resources